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Losing an eye to trauma, tumor, or end stage ocular disease such as glaucoma, or even birth defects, can be devastating at any age. It may have a major impact on ones self-image, selfconfidence, self-esteem, not to mention the adjustment required in adapting to monocular (single eye) vision as there are several job restrictions that apply for oneeyed patients.
In many instances reconstructive surgery can help to restore normal function, structure, and appearance of the eye :

Eye Reconstruction

At times, it becomes necessary to surgically remove an eye that has become severely damaged by disease or injury. Such a loss is emotionally upsetting and difficult to accept. An attractive artificial eye that fits properly and moves well helps one overcome this crisis.

In the past, good movement of an artificial eye was seldom obtained. New surgical procedures have been developed that now may enable the ophthalmic reconstructive surgeon to achieve acceptable movement of the artificial eye even if the eye was removed years ago.

Surgeon and Ocularist

The ophthalmic reconstructive surgeon works closely with the ocularist (who fabricate and fit the prosthesis) Offers the patient, the best surgery / the best prosthesis to insure the patient who has lost an eye has the benefit of the latest advances in custom made artificial eyes and fitting techniques.

The ocular prosthesis also commonly referred to as a glass eye or plastic eye, are made from the highest grade of medical materials (non allergic materials).  Our Team as a Leader in Lebanon and the Middle East can create extremely realistic prosthetic eyes allowing the prosthetist to restore the loss to its natural appearance in match and mobility.

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