New Carbossiterapia Machine
Carbossiterapia works on injecting Medical Carbonic Anhydride, which improves and raises the level of oxygen in the tissues and organ of treatment, through a small needle. The needle is linked to a tube and is for single use and the gas is medical and sterile.

Recently there has been development and improvement in this technique to implement it to address skin issues and treatments including dark circles, removing surgical scars, birth marks as well as to reduce fat, cellulite.

- It Improves of local blood flow (thereby facilitating
removal of dark circles around eyes)

- Increases in dermis thickness.

- Improves of skin elasticity and laxity.

- Reduces skin irregularities

- Used for Body contouring

This method is safe, painless and is done on weekly basis showing results right after 2nd session.

date added: 09/08/2013