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Wouldn't it be nice to open your eyes in the morning and to be able to see clearly straight away? To exercise and travel without the constant worry of wearing glasses or contact lenses? Artisan and Artiflex lenses offer this convenience, providing clear vision and visual acuity through a treatment with no real change to the eye.

What are Artiflex and Artisan lenses?

Artisan and Artiflex lenses are ultra-thin contact lenses. They are implanted into the eye to correct short-sightedness, long-sightedness as well as cylinder deviations. The small lenses are attached to the iris with two tiny clips and remain permanently in the eye. Artisan and Artiflex lenses are aimed at anyone who wants to have sharp and clear vision but wants to be free from having to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Why decide on Artisan or Artiflex lenses?

  • The treatment is reversible. This means that the treatment can be undone. If anything should go wrong, the eye can be returned to its original state. This is not possible in laser treatments where, during the treatment, a layer of the cornea is removed by the laser.
  • Excellent visual acuity. So you wish to maintain optimum vision? Artisan and Artiflex lenses maintain excellent visual acuity since the central cornea remains intact. During laser treatments, on the other hand, this critical part of the cornea is treated.
  • Safe and effective. You want to make absolutely sure that the treatment is safe. Artisan lenses have been implanted for more than 25 years. Extensive studies have shown the lens to be safe and effective, even in the long term.
  • Even major deviations can be corrected. Artisan and Artiflex lenses are also available if you have a high plus or minus deviation.
Artisan and Artiflex lenses are often seen as a means to further extend the dioptre range of laser treatments. This is not entirely right. Some Cases customers are equally suitable for both treatments...

What about implantation? How is this done?

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Artiflex Lense Implant Video    Artisan Lense Implant Video

What is the difference between Artisan and Artiflex lenses?

Artisan and Artiflex lenses are made of different materials. The optical part of the Artiflex lens is made of silicone, a flexible material. The Artisan lens is made of PMMA, an inflexible plastic. The flexible material of the Artiflex lens allows the lens to be folded upon insertion in the eye. This has the advantage that only a tiny incision is needed (3.2 mm). This incision heals more quickly than the slightly larger incision needed for the Artisan lens (5 or 6 mm). As such, optimum vision is restored more quickly with the Artiflex lens.


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